Chef Jim Lombardi


Military Veteran, Chef, Leader.  Driven to innovate, train, sell products to customers while providing thorough customer service and follow up.  Specialties in culinary sales, hiring and leading teams, strategic marketing, global sourcing, product formulation, plant trials, trend forecasting, natural and organic product development.

Innovator- Responsible for creating hundreds of retail, foodservice, school and club store products.  Created and developed 3 major product categories that were trend-setters.  Able to research, perform bench work, compare to competitors, sell the product and train customers and their managers how to properly use each product.

Organizer- Extremely detailed with menus, product descriptions and training materials.  Have developed data-bases and project-trackers for multiple companies.  Also created formula sheets and batch sheets/systems for full plant runs.  Keeping track of processes is an art and also a core competency of mine.

Collaborator- Ability to energize team members to provide a superior customer experience.  Chef councils or chef ideations are a normal activity for me.  White board concepts leading to kitchen time tend to lead to deep customer relationships.  Able to work with and excel with all types of peers, difficult situations tend to allow for the most growth.